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070627 Won't go anywhere

fixing book cover re-designs, though they won't match together as pkg.
decided to opt out Fly and make 3 bks pkg.
Still not together along,
Should JUST make a cover and let them up then go?

What you guys do when you lost where you're headed to?


Dilhan said...

I thought it was decided which ones go well together in the last class. or am I making that up? it is great that you are pushing the designs further but may be stick with what you already had before and just try to make them work together. and finish it! :) but I think that it would be great to see in your portfolio the million versions that did not make it to the final piece.

Heather said...

I'd like you to post the original versions, if you don't mind.

These are all I have seen. I think they are very creative. A bit hard to read the name of the first book you posted.

I like the layout on the right side of your 2nd book jacket. I can tell that you let yourself go in your work and don't hold back. That is great.

nadia said...

I like the lord of the flies. I mean this version.
I still like the first one on the right side. Don't like the octopus o the left. Not the same style. They don't go together.